Sunday, 14 October 2012

Varadharäja Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram

Varadharäja Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram

I went here by default thinking it to be Vaikuntha Perumal Temple. It is huge and the lay out is confusing. It is reportedly the most popular temple in Kanchipuram. It is indeed a huge complex, topped by a seven-storeyed Räjagopuram.

The Vijayanagara kings constructed the temple, whose grand Gopurams are architectural marvels. The Gopurams are painted white with striking Nämam painted in Blue.

On the left of the entrance is the 100-pillared Hall, a masterful exposition of sculptures in the Vijayanagara style. At the entrance are a intricate chain of rings made of stones (which we have in our Anaikatti Ashram) in front of the Yali (a lion-like structure) regularly seen in various Temples.

There was another maëòapam where the intricate filigree work in lace-like structure was there, which I filmed frantically.


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