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Vaitäla Temple, Bhubaneswar

Vaitäla Temple, Bhubaneswar

Vaitäla Deula, dedicated to Tantric worship is a leading example of the khäkrä style of temple.

Temple architecture/style
The Temple (11.5 metre tall) is distinguished by the shape of a khäkrä - semi-cylindrical roof. The double-storey cylindrical-roof’ appears to be an influence from Buddhist cave architecture. The roof is crowned by three kalaças, locally known as tinmuëòiyä. The Temple plan is rather simple with a rectangular deula/vimäna, preceded by a rectangular flat-roofed jagamohana.

The Temple is dedicated to Goddess Cämuëòa, one of the names assigned to Mahiñasuramardiné Durgä after she vanquished the two demons Caëòa and Muëòa. She can be seen in the sanctum, which is kept dark. Her necklace of skulls, and the corpse she is sitting on, are usually hidden beneath her garment.
She is accompanied by other goddesses, along with Ganeça, Vérabhadra (a form of Çiva), and a pair of terrible-looking Bhairavas.

The exterior of the Temple is lavishly carved with figures of Ardhanäréçwara, Pärvaté, Mahiñasuramardiné, Lakuliça, Hari-hara, Naöaräja. Some figures of Nayikäs are also there.

Stylistically the Temple is assigned to 8th century CE. (still after Paraçurämeçwara Temple).

The beautiful temple has been encroached from one side by shops, preventing one from getting a decent picture. It is maintained by ASI.
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