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Sri Mahälakshmi-Ashtakam

Çré Mahälakñmi-Añöakam

In the famous Churning of the Ocean, many exquisite objects, and beings manifested. Çré Mahälakñmi also manifested during the churning of the Ocean. The Puräna says, when Çré Mahälakñmi manifested, Indra promptly offered her a gold throne and chanted this ashtakam  in Her honour.

Indra said –
namaste’stu mahämaye ! sripithe ! surapüjite !
sankha-chakra-gadä haste! mahälakshmi ! namo’stu t’||1||

Salutations to the Great Mother, Who is the embodiment of wealth,
Who is worshipped by gods, Who holds a conch, a wheel and a mace in her hands, Salutations to Mahälakshmi.(1)

namaste garudärüdhe ! koläsura-bhayankari !
sarva-päpa-hare ! devi ! mahälakshmi ! namo’stu te||2||

Salutations to One Who rides on Garuda,
Who was feared by the demon Kola, Who can destroy all wrong-doings,
Salutations to Goddess Mahälakshmi. (2)

sarvajne ! sarva-varade ! sarva-dushta-bhayankari !
sarva-duhkha-hare ! devi ! mahälakshmi ! namo’stu te ||3||

Salutations to Goddess Mahälakshmi, Who is Omniscient,
Who can grant any boon, Who appears fearsome to all non-righteous people, Who can destroy all sorrows. (3)

siddhi-buddhi-prade ! devi ! bhukti-mukti-pradäyini !
mantra-mürte ! sadä devi ! mahälakshmi ! namo’stu te ||4||

Salutations to Goddess Mahälakshmi,
Who grants occult powers and intelligence,
Who grants enjoyment and liberation (heaven),
Who is embodiment of holy chants, and is ever-shining and radiant. (4)

ädyanta-rahite ! devi ! adyasakti-mäheswari !
yogaje ! yoga-sambhüte ! mahälakshmi ! namo’stu te ||5||

Salutations to Goddess Mahälakshmi.
Who has no beginning or end,
Who is the primodial energy,
Who is the great Goddess,
Who is born out of Yoga,
Who is manifestation of Yoga. (5)

sthüla-sükshma-mahäraudre ! mahäsakti-mahodare !
mahäpäpahare ! devi ! mahälakshmi namo’stu te ||6||

Salutations to Goddess Mahälakshmi,
Who represents both gross as well as subtle (manifestations),
Who is most fearsome,
Who is greatest strength,
Who holds the creation within her,
Who is capable of destroying all wrong-doings. (6)

padmäsana-sthite ! devi ! parabrahma-svarupini !
paramesi ! jaganmätar ! mahälakshmi ! namo’stu te||7||

Salutations to Goddess Mahälakshmi,
Who is seated on the Lotus,
Who is the personification of the ultimate reality,
Who is Goddess of all,
Who is the Universal Mother. (7)

svetämbaradhare ! devi ! nänälankära-bhüshite !
jagat-sthite ! jagan-mätar ! mahälakshmi namo’stu te ||8||

Salutations and salutations to Goddess Mahälakshmi,
Who wears white cloth,
Who wears variety of ornaments,
Who is Omnipresent,
Who is the Universal Mother. (8)

Phala Sruthi
mahälakhmyashtakam stotram yah pathet bhaktimän narah |
sarva-sidhim aväpnoti räjyam präpnoti sarvadä ||9||

Those person/s who read this octet eulogising Mahälakshmi,
with devotion will obtain all powers and kingdom for ever.

ekakäle pathen nityam mahäpapa-vinäsanam
dvikälam yah pathen nityam dhana-dhänya-samanvitah |
trikälam yah pathen nityam mahä-satru-vinäsanam
mahälakshmir-bhaven-nityam prasannä varadä subhä ||10||

Chanted once daily, great wrong-doings committed would be destroyed,
Chanted twice daily, will be blessed with wealth and grains,
Chanted thrice daily, one’s powerful enemies would be destroyed,
And the joyful, auspicious, and giver of boons Goddess Mahälakshmi would  bless that devotee.

So said Indra, the King of all the Devatäs.

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