Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sri Guru-Stotram

Çri Guru-Stotram

Çri Guru-Stotram is found in Gurugétä as well as in Päëòavagétä. Gurustotram was popularised by my spiritual Guru Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati, by selecting portions of the Gurugétä. It has now been adapted by almost all the Gurukulams.

Gurustotram is a great stotram to relate to one's personal Guru. India is a unique country where this relationship continues, that cannot be replaced by any modern University.

Salutations to that Guru, who showed me the abode, the one who is to be known, whose form is the entire universe, and by whom all the moving (living beings) and non-moving (plant kingdom) is pervaded. (1)

Salutations to that Guru, who opened the eyes of the one, blind due to the darkness (cover) of ignorance with the needle (coated) with the ointment of knowledge. (2)

Salutations to that Guru, who is the creator, sustainer, and destroyer, and who indeed is the limitless Brahman. (3)

Salutations to that Teacher, who showed me the one to be known, who permeates whatever that is movable and immovable, sentient and insentient. (4)

Salutations to that Guru, who showed me (by teaching) the one to be known, who is but consciousness, and who is the pervader of all the three worlds comprising the sentient and the insentient. (5)

Salutations to that Guru, who is the Sun to the lotus of Vedanta, and whose lotus feet are made radiant by the jewel of all Çrutis (Upanishads). (6)

Salutations to that Guru, who is consciousness, changeless (beyond time), who is peace, beyond space, pure (free from likes and dislikes), and who is beyond the manifest and unmanifest. (7)

Salutations to that Guru, who abides in knowledge that is power, adorned with the garland of truth, and who is the bestower of the joy of freedom. (8)

Salutations to that Guru, who by bestowing the knowledge of the Self, burns up the bondage created by accumulated actions of innumerable births (9)

Salutations to that guru, the perennial flow of wisdom from the one abiding in the vision of the Çruti dries up the ocean of transmigration (saàsära) totally, and reveals the essence of all wealth. (10)

There is nothing superior/higher to the Guru (knowledge of truth), and there is no austerity higher than the Guru (truth), salutations to that Guru. (11)

Prostrations to that Guru, who is my lord/master, and who is the lord/master of the universe, who is the self in me, and the self in all beings. (12)

Salutations to that Guru, who is the beginning and the beginningless, who is the highest deity, and for whom there is none superior. (13)

The one whose nature is independent fullness that is Brahman, one who gives me complete happiness, who is one (non-dual), whose name is knowledge and consciousness, who is beyond  the pairs of opposites, who is like the space (all-pervasive), who is the implied meaning of 'That thou art', who is one (without a second), who is timelessness, who is pure (free from binding likes and dislikes), who is stillness, who is the self-evident witness of the mind (all mental modes), who is free from samsära (being free from the three gunas- sattva, rajas and tamas), I salute in deepest reverence that Guru who is absolute truth/existence.

Oh Guru! You are indeed my mother, you are indeed my father, you are my kinsperson, you are my friend, you are the knowledge, and you are the wealth. You are everything (that is significant and precious) for me. (14)

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